Seven Star Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd.
Services & Facilities

• 24/7 Service------24/7 Labour
• Pre Cleaning (For Bananas And Mangoes Only)
• Washing
• Cooling
• Tempature Setting (As Required)
• Rent On Space As Per The Requirement:
-> For Fixed Duration

-> On daily basis

Stock maintenance by us or as required temperature maintenance by us as well.

We have a total of 17 chambers out of which 6 are ripening and the other 11 are only for cooling and storage.
The refrigeration system is the heart of Freezer / Cold store which ensure its profit generation. The optimum temperature affects the quality of product being Frozen / Stored. Better quality of product and efficient refrigeration plant will generate more savings.
We have a facility of humidity and temperature change for different products as required from 0 degree onwards(positive degree temperature only).
Products that can be stored in our cold store :
• Fruits
• Spices
• Dry fruits
• Milk products
Anything that can be stored in positive degree temprature.

• Energy recovery system which help in airchanges without rising chamber temprature.
• Installed VFD which operates automatically when the desired temprature is achieved.
• All tempratures are recorded on PC automatically for which report can be generated as desired.
• We have installed screw comprassor(BITZER Germany) in which the capacity is controlled automatically.
• We have full backup of generator in case of power failure.